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    Software for Dealing with Crime

    Crime Technology Solutions, LLC develops and markets a robust suite of powerful software solutions designed for crime analysts and criminal investigation teams. Our solutions include a leading link analysis solution, the industry's best investigative case management software, sophisticated criminal intelligence management, and the first and only public safety app designed for Home Owner Associations and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

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Link Analysis Software

Investigative Link Analysis Software

Crime Technology Solutions (CTS) delivers robust enterprise link analysis software for serious investigations. The software gives analysts and investi­gators a wide range of options to slice and dice data, and to discover hidden connections among entities across disparate data sources.

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Link Analysis Software

The Neighborhood App™

The Neighborhood App combines the best public safety features from Facebook®, NextDoor®, Twitter®, Ring® and more. With no annoying ads, political arguments, recommendation requests, or posts about lost cats, The Neighborhood App is build with Neighborhood Watch and Home Owners Associations in mind.

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Criminal Intelligence Software

IntelNexus Criminal Intelligence Management

IntelNexusfrom Crime Technology Solutions is an advanced criminal intelligence database management system designed specifically for law enforcement agencies to collect, organize, maintain, and analyze sensitive information about individuals, organizations, and their activities.

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Investigation Management Software

Case Closed Case Management Software

Case Closed Software is the leading investigation case management software for law enforcement, state investigative bureaus, task forces, and DA offices. Available in both on-premise and cloud-based delivery models, Case Closed Software has been a leader in law enforcement investigation software for over a decade.

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