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IntelNexus™ is the most affordable, robust 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence management system available today. It is an advanced intelligence database management system designed specifically for law enforcement agencies to collect, organize, maintain, and analyze sensitive information about individuals, organizations, and their activities.

28 CFR Part 23 is a series of federal guidelines for law enforcement agencies to collect, manage, and disseminate criminal intelligence data for agencies receiving federal grant monies. Whether your agency requires compliance or not, IntelNexus™ is a powerful and secure tool for managing criminal intelligence data.

IntelNexus from Crime Technology Solutions is powerful and secure Criminal Intelligence Software.

IntelNexus Software helps agencies comply with Federal Code of Regulations 28 Part 23, a set of guidelines for the proper gathering, storage and dissemination of criminal intelligence data for agencies receiving federal funding.

IntelNexus is used by some of the largest (and some of the smallest) law enforcement agencies in the country. The software is considered by many to be the most feature rich criminal intelligence software on the market.

Key Features of IntelNexus™

Secure Database

Sensitive intelligence information is kept confidential and highly secured with IntelNexus.

File Attachments

Pictures of subjects, vehicles, buildings, events and more can be incorporated into your intelligence files.

Quick Summary

Search for specific information fast and effectively with detailed reporting capabilities.

Subject Association

Quickly identify individuals associated with any subject or entity

Integration with Link Analysis

IntelNexus can export intelligence data for easy use within your Sentinel Visualizer Link Analysis software.

User Editable Fields

Administrators may add new options to critical information tables.

Clearly Defined User Roles

General and administrative access privileges are strictly enforced.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Conduct investigations thoroughly with powerful searching capabilities.

Report Status Assignment

Automatically assign permanent or temporary report status per CFR 28 Part 23 Federal Regulations

Purge Notifications

Administrators may purge or extend a pending report per federal guidelines.

Audit Reports

Administrators may audit user activities to maintain accountability and ensure data confidentiality.

Spatial Analysis

Identify subjects, organizations, and events within a distance from any location.

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