Crime Tech Solutions
Crime Tech Solutions

Crime Technology Solutions (CTS) is the authorized value-add­ed distributor for the popular Sentinel Visualizer link and social network analysis software. With thousands of users worldwide, the software gives analysts and investi­gators a wide range of options to slice and dice data, and to discover hidden connections among entities across disparate data sources.

To make your investment in our solution complete, Crime Technology Solutions  offers an array of integration options that allows connec­tivity to data contained in third party systems. It is truly desktop link analysis on steroids. 

With cutting edge features and best-of-breed usability, our product provides you with insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data. Its database driven data visu­alization platform lets you quickly see multi-level links among entities and model different relationship types. Advanced drawing and redrawing features generate opti­mized views to highlight the most important entities. 

Find hidden connections

across your data sources.

Pattern, temporal, and geospatial 

analysis at your fingertips.

Easily ingest data from multiple

disparate data sources.

Key Features of Sentinel Visualizer

Affordable and easy to use.

Easily ingests data

Analysis Galore: Performs link analysis, social network analysis, geospatial analysis, and timeline analysis.

Industry standard database format.

Supports multi-user and network environments.

2-D and 3-D link charts with stereoscopic graphs.

Automated layout tools to organize complex charts.

Geospatial integration with Google Earth®.

Temporal analysis to view networks over time.

Intelligent de-clutter tools to filter out noise.

Advanced tools such as shortest path, all paths, and gradient metrics.

Automated cluster/cell detection.

Unlimited number of databases supported.

Fuzzy matching and name disambiguation for searching (i.e. Tom = Thomas).

Data import wizard.

Rich reporting and export capabilities.

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